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Total Network Inventory

Total Network Inventory for Windows

Introducing Total Network Inventory 2, PC audit and software inventory management solution.

Introducing Total Network Inventory 3, PC audit and software inventory management solution.

Software for PC audit and network inventory in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks. This network inventory software was developed for those who work with multiple computers and would like to spend their time efficiently.

mportant Points of Using This Network Inventory Software.

Network scanning Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and ESX/ESXi-based computers and servers can be scanned without preinstalled agents. In order to do inventory by means of this inventory software you just need to know the administrator's password. Scan single nodes, network address ranges, or Active Directory structure. Each computer takes several dozen kilobytes in the centralized storage of TNI 3. Group assets, provide them with comments, and attach additional information. Total Network Inventory 3 will show your network in all its beauty! Create flexible reports on different data categories. Build table reports with hundreds of fields of the TNI 3 data model. Hardware inventory reports are well-structured and completely understandable.

Additional Benefits of the Computer Inventory Software.

Reports can be copied, exported, or printed, and the search feature shows the results before you even finish typing. Detect and browse changes in hardware and software. Know when an application is installed, uninstalled or updated on any computer in your network, see hardware being connected or removed, disk space usage dynamics and much, much more. Schedule data gathering. Create both single postponed scan sessions and repetitive tasks: every day? on Fridays? on first Monday of every month? Scan different sets of assets at different times and keep your inventory up-to-date. And more... Create a database of your network users; store a number of passwords for different assets and protocols; follow the online status of assets in real-time. The inventory software TNI 3 is developed in such a way that it provides you with complete and relevant information in a convenient and categorized form. These and many other features of TNI 3 will save you a lot of effort and stress during network audits.

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Total Network Inventory


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User reviews about Total Network Inventory

  • by Anonymous

    Useful Inventory tool. TNI is a great tool. It's easy to use and have all the features I want for now. It takes about 5 minutes to scan More